Group work and international students

Did you know that yesterday the Olympic Torch went out? Shhh, don’t tell anyone. It was quickly relit and then normal service was resumed and the runners carried on. We are very peaceful in Devon and there were very few police officers around the torch causing one policeman to say: “Never have so many been … Read more

Answer the question!

I’ve been reading and listening to student work over the past couple of days and if I was asked to give one piece of advice to students it would be: follow the instructions and answer the question! If you are asked to: Choose an article about finance to present to the class and you present … Read more

It takes time to think in English!

It’s official: the summer has been awful. It’s usual in the UK to talk about the weather but there’s even more of it about this year because of the poor summer. Actually, the surprising thing is that we mention it at all – you would think that we would have got used to our terrible … Read more