Exams aren’t so bad!

We were all looking forward to the day after the General Election in the UK when we would finally get the politicians off our TV screens. No such luck! Most unusually, no single party has a majority in parliament – what we refer to as a hung parliament. Some countries get this all the time, … Read more

Association for Academic Language and Learning

A few weeks ago I pointed out Manchester University’s academic phrasebank to students in a lecture. If you don’t know about it (you should!) it introduces lots of different ‘academic language chunks’ that you can use in essays such as In the last few years there has been increasing interest in ….. At the end … Read more

Academic skills podcasts

Over twenty years ago I spent a year in Turkey and at the time I could communicate quite well in Turkish. I have started to have Turkish lessons recently and I have forgotten everything! That’s quite depressing, but the good thing is that it has made me think again about how hard it is to … Read more

Improving your motivation for learning English

I’ve been talking to a few international students recently about their English learning. What I’ve found is that there are a very few students who are really motivated and do lots of studying on their own, and then there is everybody else! Many students don’t do any work outside class, although they say they would … Read more