Videos with subtitles and translations!

Goodness me, we haven’t had a winter like this one since 1981! Snow is covering the whole of the United Kingdom…except where I live – which is why I suppose it is called ‘the English Riviera’! Of course the country has ground to a halt as usual, which gives people a good excuse for not getting back to work properly after the holiday!

People are always asking for examples of websites where they can listen to people speaking and see the transcript, so here’s another one. This one, called dotSUB, is very impressive. There are a few really good things about this site. Firstly, there are some great videos to watch and enjoy and improve your English as you listen. (Listen without reading the transcript the first time, and then refer to the transcript to help you with the bits you had difficulty with.) As well as watching other people’s videos you can upload your own, and add subtitles to them. You can can also embed the videos into any webpages that you want very easily – which teachers will like.

You can see a video from the site here: (or visit the homepage at dotSUB here).