Forget the doom and gloom, The Apprentice is back!

Goodness me, everything is gloom and doom in the news. I’m talking about the fact that the UK is broke! (Yes, no money left!) This means that the government has to stop spending money, and that means that the news is full of government spending cuts. It’s going to get very grim indeed, but forget that for a while because The Apprentice is back!

If you are living in the UK then you should definitely be watching The Apprentice every Wednesday evening on BBC 1 at 9.00 pm. If you miss it you will be able to catch up on BBC i player or youtube. British students may well be following the programme so if you know what’s going on it will give you something to talk to native speakers about. The Apprentice is a TV programme about a top British businessman’s search for a new employee for his company. Each week the 16 candidates have to carry out business tasks and each week one or two candidates are fired. Get engaged with English by following The Apprentice. You might find that your university records it on their portal and if so maybe you can watch it with subtitles. There is a lot of colloquial language in The Apprentice – last week I heard “You must think I’m a mug!” Mug? You might need a slang dictionary to help you with some of the words! And don’t forget The Apprentice website either!