Listen and read the tapescript at the same time!

I’ve had a few e mails asking me where you can listen to people talking and read what they are saying at the same time and I have pointed out some of these before (see Academic Listening posts and scroll down) but hang on a moment because I’ve got another one. The fact is, that the other places I have pointed out are all rather worthy, by which I mean that they are academic and can be quite heavy going (yes, difficult to manage!). So today’s tip is for those of you looking for something easier to manage. At Yappr there are lots of videos which you can watch, and as you watch the tapescript comes up at the same time so you can read and listen simultaneously. Need to hear a bit again? OK, so just do so as you do on any sound player. You can search through what sort of videos you want (music, news, finance.. you name it) and then choose from that selection. This is a great way to practise your listening skills. Yappr is here.