Student stories: British students talking about university with transcripts

It’s a bank holiday weekend in the UK! Everyone in the country will be trying to make the most of it because it is the last break before everyone goes back to work, school and university. How do British people spend their bank holidays? Three ways: by sitting in their cars in long traffic jams, by doing DIY around the house and garden, and by drinking too much. If you’re interested in Bank Holidays and how they happen and how the government are thinking of changing them then read this article in the BBC magazine here.

I don’t often find a new link that I get really excited about but it’s happened this week! I’ve been looking at a website called “Student Stories”. This website is full of British students talking about their experiences at university. Being at university is an exciting time, but sometimes overseas students miss out on the full experience of it because they find it difficult to mix with British students. Well, finding out about British university culture and improving your colloquial English language skills will make it easier for you to meet and get along with home students. This website has lots of British students talking about university life. Transcripts are provided which means that you can SEE what they are saying as well. It’s ideal language learning material: it’s good listening practice and you will learn about university life as well. Visit the Student Stories website produced by the Centre for Career Management skills here. Wow!