The Royal Wedding!

Okay, okay, I know I haven’t sent any posts for absolutely ages! That means that I have been far too busy marking and enjoying our spring weather here in the UK. We have had temperatures of up to 25 already! This means that we will have a terrible summer of course! Actually, I’m not going to say anything about Academic English, I just wanted to wish my students a good holiday because we have a four day weekend to celebrate the Royal Wedding in the UK. As I drove to work today I heard people having a discussion on the radio about the monarchy in the UK, whether it is good or bad. The monarchist said that we are lucky to have the Royal Family and claimed that this is much better than having a president. The republican speaker thought that everybody thinks the UK is old fashioned and the Royal Family doesn’t help the image of the UK. It’s a great debate and one you can listen to right here:

And to celebrate the event I’d like to suggest this rather entertaining Youtube clip. No, it’s not real (as some viewers asked!!) but they look real.