The Speech Accent Archive

Brrr! (Again!) We are just not used to this much snow in the UK so when it happens the country grinds to a halt (you can imagine a big machine grinding to a stop when it can’t manage anymore. When this happens people jump up and down, saying “Look at Sweden! They get lots of snow, but they keep going!” Yes, well, they get lots of snow all the time so they have the equipment to manage it. It doesn’t happen very often so it’s probably not worth the UK authorities investing in such winter equipment which won’t get used very often. My message is stay at home if you can!

I have been enjoying the Speech Accent Archive. This website has hundreds of examples of people from different parts of the world reading the same paragraph aloud so that you can hear the difference in their pronunciation. There are 423 examples of English language speakers. What does Jamaican English sound like? Find out here! There are also different languages too. (Number 2 in the English section is supposed to be a woman from Birmingham but I thought I could detect an antipodean influence in there. Tell us what you think!) Enjoy the English accents here at the Speech Accent Archive.