Learning to learn at university

Welcome to the start of a new academic year! The weather in the UK has definitely take a turn for the worse which is a sure sign that it is time to get serious about study again. Many overseas students who are reading this will have just finished an English language pre-sessional course and will be getting ready to start their degree course. Good luck! My message to all these students is DON’T STOP PRACTISING YOUR ENGLISH! Just because you got through the summer course or you have got your IELTS certificate, doesn’t mean that you can relax! You really need to continue to improve your English language skills as well as learning all about your new subject – in fact you need to be a ‘super student’ because things are harder for you. How will you manage? You need to take your study seriously! You need to think about how to learn, you have to learn to be a good learner, known as ‘learning to learn’. Today’s link comes to you from Sheffield University which has got a course which you can access on learning to learn here.