Using abbreviations in your notes

Taking notes

It must be time to get back to work. The news is full of politics again and that means the summer is over! There will be no more stories of lions running around the countryside or other ‘silly season’ news articles. Today’s news is full of the UK Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle which means it must be time to get back into the classroom.

Last post I talked about the importance of working out some good note taking strategies and I pointed out some videos of students and academics talking about how they took notes. Well, a very important part of taking notes is using good abbreviations so that you can take notes quickly and easily. My favourite handout for giving students ideas for abbreviations that they could use in their note taking is this one here produced by Portsmouth University. Look at some o the abbreviations that it introduces you to:

It looks like a different language! But if you can get a good at this type of thing it will pay dividends (yes, be advantageous) in the long run. Follow the link above to read some really good tips on improving your note taking skills. If you can take good notes and get in the habit of reviewing them immediately after the lecture then you will be giving yourself a better chance of doing well in your studies.