Your language skills are better than ours!

Today I am showing you another study skills link. Do read it carefully. What I’ve noticed about students who are successful at university is that they have good habits. Let me give you an example of this. The other day in one of my classes we discussed the arguments for and against capital punishment. I encouraged each student to give his or her opinion and to justify it. I noticed that one student in particular was listening really carefully and making notes of what the other students were saying. This student was collecting ideas all the time! Language teachers often rephrase things that students have said, putting them into words that native speakers would use. I noticed that this student was making notes when I did this too, but some students were simply listening, while another couple were looking out the window! Who do I think will write the best essay?! My point is that getting good marks is not a matter of chance, but a result of good study habits which anyone can adopt. Check out the study skills self-help pages at Virginia Tech.