It’s George! Not fit for purpose.

Not fit for purpose

Last week I mentioned the royal baby in the UK and I said that lots of people were placing bets on what the new baby would be called. In the end the baby has been called George, which was the favourite name! One bookmaker (a person who takes bets from people) offered odds of 500/1 on the baby being called Wayne. This is a funny suggestion – and it shows how important class still is in the UK because Wayne is not a name that a royal would choose.
I have just heard on the news that immigration statistics are not fit for purpose. Not fit for purpose! Or in other words, totally useless. Lots of things these days are not fit for purpose. Here’s a list of things which have recently been labelled as not fit for purpose: the BBC, the National Health Service, the new emergency phone service. If you haven’t used the phrase before, start using it! You can read more about it here.