Save the apostrophe!

Forget about the polar bears! Never mind the rainforests! Protect the apostrophe, it’s in danger! I was surprised to discover that there is an ‘Apostrophe Protection Society‘ in the UK. Even though it seems an unlikely idea for a whole website, it does have some easy to understand rules about apostrophe usage and an active discussion board where you could even post questions about apostrophe usage.

But if you are worried about things like polar bears and rainforests then you might want to practise your English by reading this article about a new report which has come out which suggests that sea levels are going to rise by 1.4 metres by the end of the century. Of course this would be disastrous for millions of people. The article, complete with lots of useful vocabulary is on the BBC site here. What do you all think? Is it going to happen and is it a man made problem?