Write your own dissertation!

I have just been searching for links to put up on a page for dissertation writing and I am amazed at the number of websites there are offering to write your dissertation for you. In fact, when I google ‘dissertation writing’ the first eight results are all for companies that promise to write you a brilliant dissertation! Then comes one university site and then another host of these dodgy (yes, untrustworthy) sites which you shouldn’t even look at.  Would you buy a used car from these guys? No, and I wouldn’t trust them to write a dissertation for me either.  I couldn’t stop myself from looking at one of them just to see what they were offering – and they are offering “FREE unlimited  revesions”! I hope they will correct their own mistakes that they will be making when they do their work!

Lots of students will be now getting down to some serious work on their dissertations, and the best piece of advice I could give to students at this point is to try to understand the point of writing a dissertation. If you approach your dissertation as just another piece of work to tick off and you just want to get it over and done with as soon as possible then it is unlikely you will do well. You need to spend a while reading about dissertations. When you start to appreciate the aim of a dissertation you will be in a position to think about a topic and doing some background reading. More about dissertations soon, but meanwhile take a look at some links on this page here.