Writing assignments at university

The evenings are drawing in, household bills are going up,  the economy is getting worse…….so watch some sport to cheer yourselves up! Congratulations to the New Zealand rugby team, commiserations to Manchester United (6-1!!!) and thank you both for brightening up an autumn Sunday!

After a few weeks at university students are now getting down to the serious business of writing assignments. It is clear to me that some students have very little idea of what is expected of them! If you are new to university in a new country then you definitely need to spend some time reading about WRITING in order to understand what you are expected to hand in. In my experience, students think their work will be OK, they hand it in – and then they are really disappointed with their low marks! By then it is already too late – you have already got a low mark on a piece of assessed coursework and from that time on you are spending your time trying to catch up. You need to be proactive and research WRITING and find out what makes a good piece of writing. You could start by looking at Edinburgh Napier University’s Get Ready for university study pages which are here.