English for University is back – nearly!

As you can see this new website is still being built (it is taking longer than I imagined, surprise surprise!). The archive of posts is here on the right of the page, and I am working on getting the other links up.

If you would like to visit the old site you can find it at:

English for University

but all that information will be here within a day or two. Please let me know if any of you have problems receiving posts via e mail.

Meanwhile, I have very much enjoyed reading about the supermarket Tesco and its language difficulties! If you go into a supermarket you can always see a sign directing shoppers to a fast queue, but in Tesco you can only join the fast queue if you have “Ten items or less”. Of course, this is grammatically incorrect because ‘less’ is a word used with uncountable nouns (such as water, sand) not countable nouns, in this case ‘items’. If you are interested in such things you can read the article about Tesco in the BBC Magazine here.

The other link today is to a couple of online exercises which practice the language point of expressing quantity. You can find the exercises, which come from the New Headway Upper Intermediate Oxford University Press pages, here.