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If you are new in the UK and you are wondering if the weather is usually this bad, the answer is ‘Yes, it is!’ The poor weather has coincided with my time off work – surprise, surprise! However, it did not rain at the Lord’s cricket ground which meant that England beat Australia at the home of cricket for the first time in seventy years. The rivalry between England and Australia in sport is intense – if you are reading this in Australia make sure you ask your teachers how the Ashes cricket tournament in England is going and watch their faces fall. (We are used to losing in the UK, but the Australians are not, and they just hate it.)

For some reason I have never posted about Ted Power’s ‘English language learning and teaching’ website. This is one of those very rare things – a very high quality website from an individual. I say that because in my experience the top websites often come from universities or organisations like the BBC. This website covers so many areas about learning and teaching English that it should definitely be in your list of favourites and you will come back to it time and time again. Ted Power’s website is here.