Common Errors in English Usage

I saw a sign in a shop the other day over the pens and paper saying STATIONARY. I am guessing that the person who had put it there was thinking of STATIONERY, and didn’t actually want to tell me that the pens and paper couldn’t move! But it happens to all of us sometimes – we suddenly can’t remember how to spell a word, or we realise that there are two words that we mix up because we have never learnt the difference between them.

If you want to be able to look up all those things you get mixed up with then today’s link is for you. Common Errors in English Usage is a book and a website by Paul Brians of Washington State University. The content is really useful and the customised google search box makes finding your query easy. So, what are the things you get mixed up with? Wander/wonder? Affect/effect? Council/counsel?