The misery for British sports fans continues. We had our best chance for years and years to have a British winner at a big tennis championship today, but it was not to be. One day!
Lots of students I know are taking IELTS. As you are probably aware, there are any number of resources to help you practice for the IELTS exam on the Internet. One site I’ve noticed a few times recently is Dominic Cole’s IELTS Blog. What I like about this site is that Dominic has a good sense of humour! He knows that IELTS can drive you mad! The important thing about preparing for an exam like IELTS is to make sure that you do lots of general language practice, and then a bit of exam practice near the exam. You need to set up a routine in which you practise your general language skills as well as learning about the exam and thinking about techniques and strategies that you can employ to maximise your marks. If I was getting ready for this exam I would definitely be visiting Dominic’s blog regularly!