Welcome back to English for University. Com!

If you have signed up for posts by e mail in the last few weeks you are probably thinking ‘well, that was a waste of time!’ because you haven’t received any posts. But the posts are back and now you will be receiving regular posts once or twice a week about Academic English and pointing out good resources for you to use on the Internet. In this post I’m going to remind you about the great resources that you can find right here on my site.

One of the most popular pages on English for University. Com is the STUDY GUIDES page. At the moment there are four study guides for students to make use of: Writing an introduction,  Presentation phrasebook, Citing authors in the body of your work and Writing a bibliography. The last two are designed to be printed out and stuck on your wall because everything fits nicely onto one piece of paper.

These videos (with transcripts) of students talking about what it’s like to study at university in England are very popular too. And for more formal listening practice the links on this page to lectures to watch and listen to are excellent.

The last reminder is the page of links to academic vocabulary exercises. These are high quality resources and you don’t have to spend a penny to improve your Academic English.

Thank you for students and teachers who write to me – I am always happy to receive e mails and I ususally manage to reply to them. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with suggestions for the site.  More soon!