Documentaries in English

The weather in the UK has been extraordinarily good. The reason for this is that the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London is underway and they have spent millions on a roof over the main court. Of course, usually it pours down with rain and nobody can play but now that they have the roof – yes, you’ve guessed it – the weather is perfect and they don’t need it!

I know that many students will be arriving in the UK over the next few weeks for summer courses and pre-sessional courses. I’ll say a bit more about how to manage a summer course over the next couple of posts but today I want to point out a particularly interesting site with lots of readings and documentary videos in English. This site is great for practising your English skills: there is a good variety of topics, the videos are not too long and the readings are accessible. If you are trying to find research material on popular contemporary topics you will find this site useful.There are also suggestions for how these materials can be used by teachers. The Frontline site is here and I’d like to remind you about Damian Rivers’ English Language Resource Website where I got the link from!

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