Free video documentaries on the Internet

I hope that everyone is enjoying the World Cup! The timing works out well for viewers in the UK as South Africa time is the the same as here so we get the matches at the perfect time of day. As is usual for the UK, we have an over optimistic view of our own chances in the competition – as was proved during England’s disappointing draw with USA after the English goalkeeper made a terrible mistake. The headlines in the UK were “Green’s howler!” so there’s a non-academic word to learn – howler, meaning big mistake!

I have again been looking at the FRONTLINE website. Frontline is a website packed with good television documentaries about a variety of subjects such as: the digital world, the world’s aviation service, Haiti’s earthquake, the banking crisis, Obama’s policies…the list goes on. Some of these have transcripts of the whole programme and they all have introductions, accompanying debates and extra articles and materials to exploit. This is fantastic stuff for students of advanced English. Frontline is here.