15 ESL and EFL Forums for Students

Today’s post is a guest post written by Karen Schweitzer.

Participating in an online forum is a great way to learn more about the English language and culture. Forums also provide the opportunity to practice the reading and writing skills you will need for school. Here are 15 English language forums to explore:

Dave’s ESL Cafe Forum – More than 80,000 people are registered members of Dave’s ESL Cafe Forum for students. Forum topics include English learning, culture, news, literature, and exams. The forum also offers a help center where students can get their questions answered by ESL/EFL teachers 24 hours a day.

EnglishClub Forum – The ESL Forum at EnglishClub.com offers resources to help students learn the English language and study English culture. Space is also provided for students who want to discuss general interest topics like books, travel, news, sports, entertainment, and hobbies.

English as a 2nd Language Forum – About.com’s English as a 2nd Language Forum is hosted by Kenneth Beare, an ESL teacher, trainer, and content developer. The forum includes conversations and topics for English learners and teachers. Threads cover everything from grammar and word meanings to language learning tips.

UsingEnglish.com Forum – The UsingEnglish.com Forum is an active community of students and language learners who like to discuss pronunciation and phonetics, English sayings and slang, and learning techniques. The forum also offers a special section for students who want to test their knowledge of English vocabulary, idioms, grammar, spelling, phrasal verbs, and sentence structures.

English-Test.net Forum – This popular forum has more than 100,000 active members. Discussion topics include English vocabulary and grammar, standardized test preparation, accent training, translations, and language learning methods.

ESL Pundit Forum – The ESL Pundit Forum is a small forum with lots of discussion topics. Threads cover everything from ESL books and activities to TOEFL preparation.

EnglishForums.com – This site hosts the world’s largest ESL/EFL social network. Site features include forums, live chat, free learning resources, and a help center.

Aardvark’s English Forum – Aardvark’s English Forum offers a place for students to find English language resources and interactive exercises. Students can also ask questions and post messages to each other on the site’s message boards.

eslHQ Forum – The forums at eslHQ are devoted to discussions on all things relating to teaching and studying English as a second language. Forum members can download free flashcards and post on topics ranging from English grammar and usage to studying and traveling abroad.

English, Baby! Forum – This forum is designed to help students learn English grammar and slang. Students are also encouraged to ask questions and discuss various topics to improve their writing skills.

WordReference.com Forum – WordReference.com offers forums for a wide range of languages, including English. Members can discuss pronunciation, word usage, and other aspects of the English language.

The Free Dictionary English Language Forum – The English Language Forum at TheFreeDictionary.com provides a space to discuss English vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Members can also view a word of the day and play educational word games.

Zozanga English Forum – The Zozanga English Forum is relatively new, but it offers a lot of discussion topics that would be of interest to students, including English grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, and word games. A space is also provided for members who are looking for a pen pal or need help with English.

WiZiQ English Language Community – This small community of English language learners helps each other through discussions, tutorials, and member-made courses. Members also post Quizzes to test each other’s English skills.

Parapal – Parapal is more of a chat room than an actual forum, but it is still a great place for students to discuss language learning and practice speaking and writing skills.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School.