It is bank holiday weekend in the UK. This means that the weather is awful and we huddle inside our houses looking out at the rain saying things like “Typical! Just look at the weather!” The worst of it is (there’s a good phrase for you ‘the worst of it is’) that there are no more breaks until Christmas,which is a long way off!

I’ve been spending time with TED. By that I mean TED.com the website which I mentioned briefly in my last post. There are some great things to watch there and I am going to suggest one talk in particular. Funnily enough, the other day I was watching one of my favourite TV programmes – Dragon’s Den – and I recognised the final presenter trying to get some cash out of the dragons. I was scratching my head, wondering where I knew him from, when it finally clicked – I had seen the same presenter on TED.com. This man’s name is Michael Pritchard and I had particularly liked his TED.com presentation and that is the one that I suggest you take a look at. He is talking about his invention which makes dirty water safe to drink. The great thing is that you can see the transcript of his presentation (yes, the words) as you listen if you want. Better still, listen first and then look at the transcript afterwards just at the bits that you couldn’t follow.