Accounting and finance vocabulary – and don’t forget the moat!

I think that many readers of this site will not know what a ‘moat’ is. Well, a moat is the water around a castle which acts as a defence against attackers.
In Britain over the past two weeks a newspaper has got hold of details about our politicians ‘expenses’ and the public have found out that our members of parliament have been paying for gardeners, large plasma TVs, housing costs for houses which did not have any costs, and so on with our public money. My favourite example is the Conservative politician who claimed for the cost of maintaining his moat! The British people are furious! If you are a teacher or student of British Cultural Studies you should be watching carefully and getting ready to change your notes for your classes – because the constitution in the UK is going to be changing very soon and there are going to be a few members of parliament in jail before long.

It is bank holiday weekend in the UK! This means the local population will be going to pubs and to DIY shops (Do – It – Yourself) because the younger half of the population like drinking and the older half like decorating and gardening!

If you are still in study mode I would like to suggest this page from Nonstop English which has lots of exercises about Accounting and Finance vocabulary – then you can join in the debate about politicians’ expenses. It’s here.