Academic listening series

Apologies for the missing post which came out yesterday. I wrote a post and then deleted it because I didn’t like it but the feed still managed to send it out even though it wasn’t on the site anymore! Oops.

I said something about tonight’s football match in the missing post and now the match is over and Barcelona fans are celebrating. I must say the best team won on the night and I enjoyed watching some of the Barcelona players who we don’t get a chance to see much of on UK TV.

I just keep finding great resources for you guys. You know I almost think that there’s no need to pay to learn English anymore (almost, but not entirely, because I would be out a job!). Today I am pointing you to a series of programmes on listening to academic English which was originally broadcast on the radio on the World Service. But the Internet has the advantage that you can take a look at the transcripts of the talks about listening to lectures in English when you don’t understand what you hear. You listen and you practise your English and you get useful content about techniques to help you listen to university lectures. You can’t lose! The Talk About English Academic Listening Series is here.