Presentation time again!

Structuring your presentation Now that we are back in the classroom it already seems as though the holiday had never happened! Over the next few weeks I will be talking to my students about presentations. One ofmy  students has already asked me: “What do I need to do to get a good mark in my … Read more

Audience, audience, audience!

It is that time of year when English language students at our university are starting to think about presentations which they have to do as part of their coursework. Most university students have to do presentations at some point. There are lots of things to say about presentations in English, but my one piece of … Read more

Change what you read into your own words!

One of the hardest things for students, for British students as well as international students, is changing what you read into your own words. If you can understand WHY this is so important then you are on the road to doing well at university. It’s quite simple: if you don’t use your own words then … Read more

Giving definitions in your presentations

OK, so I’ve been going on and on about presentations for some time so I promise that this is my last comment on presentations (not ever, just for a while). I’ve noticed that lots of students give definitions in the first part of their presentations – in the introduction. For example I watched one student … Read more