Presentations – a checklist

This page links to a resource which helps you check you are ready with your presentation In this post I’m giving you a page from the University of Canberra which has some very helpful advice on getting ready for your presentation. It’s straightforward, clear and simple, and makes very good sense. When my students are … Read more

Introducing your presentation

Introducing your presentation effectively is essential! You only get one chance to make a good start. You can lose your audience very quickly if you are not careful. It is useful to look at a good example. When you watch the introduction I am going to show you I want you to think about how … Read more

Presentations: giving your presentation an angle

This page talks about the importance of having an angle for your presentation Today I’m going to make a few comments about giving presentations. Please, please, when you deliver your presentation, give an angle on your topic. In this context angle means point of view. This word is often used in newpaper reporting – when … Read more